Great Content Marketing?: Mesh Great Content with the Right Influencers

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…So, your brand is looking to activate social media platforms in order to create awareness and improve sales? Well, you are not alone. Millions of brands and businesses, both old and new, are looking this direction as well. Marketers all over the world have increased marketing budgets, leaving over 70% of it for social media and web marketing. These days, very few businesses are not utilizing one form of digital marketing or the other.

The advantages of using social media platforms for marketing cannot be overemphasized. However, it must be noted that the strategies and measures through which great marketing is realized on the social web ultimately determines the sort of results to be expected. Traditional marketing is slowly losing credence; content marketing is an emerging art, or an emerging science (whichever way you choose to look at it).

The web is wealthy with great contents, it has been so for many years now. However, getting the attention of social media audience remains a great battle amongst marketers who continue to jostle for consumers’ attention with the best content strategies possible. Great content developers must have the psycho-social ability to assess the interests of the social market and aptly create choice content at them.

However, is great content alone enough? This is an often debated issue in the marketing world. I would say great content is a great start at marketing as the art (or science) of content marketing has resulted in great ROI for many brands in the past decade.

Generally, great content must be created around some basic touch points in order to adequately appeal to the social audience: Contents must be personable, useful, engaging, helpful, informative, shareable, factual, interactive and creative.

Also, the usefulness of social media influencers towards ensuring adequate amplification of great content should not be downplayed. Social media Influencers, due to their activities on the social media and their personalities off social media, serve as great channels for amplification.

As passionate content creators who have become famous in their niche by showing interactivity, relevance, presence and consistency, influencers are vital in the marketing journey as they can adequately help amplify marketing contents, thereby helping to gain exposure while also enhancing CTAs. As great contents are developed, the possibility of reaching prospects, fans and consumers far and wide must be considered.

These possibilities are often made concrete through proper amplification of these contents beyond the immediate network of followers a brand has. It is therefore the responsibility of the brand and digital marketers to balance the brand goals with the choice of Influencers.

Influencers should be selected based on their brand friendliness, their popularity and personality, their level of engagement and the trust their community has in them.

Note however that social media Influencers vary: We have those we can refer to as “social connectors” – who seem to know and interact with everyone. Their engagement rate is high and their content is fun. We also have those we can refer to as “Mavens” – who possess industry knowledge and have great contents through which they use to generate engagement around and across a particular field of endeavor. Many Influencers are also Salesmen and social marketers who seem to understand how to pitch great brands and products at their followers.

So, while great number of followers matter, it is surely not the sole criteria for choosing the right Influencer(s). These factors must be taken into consideration and ultimately placed side by side with goals of the company and the purpose of the marketing campaign in order to adequately reach the right people, drive engagement, and improve brand awareness in a saturated social space.