Social Media management: Social media is both an art and a science of communication. It is a dynamic medium that continues to change faster than users can keep up with.  The business of optimizing these tools and the features they come with is better left to professionals who sleep, eat and breathe these tools. It is ok for you to lack vital skillsets, tactics and strategies needed to give your business, brand or institution the needed ROI. I understand the science and the art of social media management which allows me to effortlessly manage multiple accounts at a time across different industries.

Digital Marketing: The world has gone digital, and so should your business. If you own a store, offer vital services or run a business venture, the chance you have at success increases by over 70% just by factoring in digital marketing, especially through social media amplification. I develop marketing strategies and also help you deploy them in ways that would let you gain the needed ROI in the best time possible.

Content Development:  Content development is pivotal to social media management as it is content that serves as the engine that powers the social web. Whatever your objective within your corporate, personal or business niche is, your content has to be professionally developed using the right keywords and tags that will consistently resonate with your audience/market. With years of developing content across industries with different purposes, you are assured of the best in content publishing for your needs.

Influencer Coordination: Social media influencers are the rock stars and thought leaders of the social web. They have huge communities, they consistently feed their communities with socio-centric content and they are revered by their followers. How is this my business? In today’s social media ecosystem, influencers play a pivotal role as they serve as strong channels through which information is easily passed to a mass audience. As important as this aspect of social media is, it could also end up being just a waste of time when done with no strategy in place. To make sure influencer communication serves the purpose for which it is meant, I make sure I research for the most appropriate influencers that fit your objective, coordinate and negotiate terms with them, develop and share contents with them and monitor ROI for results.

Social Media Training: The dynamism of the social web means you constantly have to keep up to catch up. Using social media tactically for offices and business to achieve set goals involves learning the rudiments of these tools. I offer holistic social media trainings which covers various platforms and tested strategies designed in models that are easy to understand and use. Need a Resource Person or a Speaker in this field? Give me a call for quality, impactful trainings for your staff members, students and social media teams.