Networking is great! Why do you think all these social media channels exist? Opportunities to meet people either online or offline should never be turned down as these interactions, most often than not, lead one to encounter even greater opportunities and experiences. People make the planet. The more (valuable people) you meet, the more of the planet you interact with! There must be a game plan to this, though. For example, you need to consciously know what you want from these valuable contacts you are…Continue Reading “Networking Productively: Expect Less, And Give “MORE””

By now we must have all agreed that the social media is like a nation with millions of citizens all in one room; within reach of one another. Like a dorm room where you find naughty students, respectful ones, dirty ones, clean ones, students from broken homes and those who grew up being bullied. Now, imagine every one of those with their social histories, perceptions and idiosyncrasies living and breathing within reach of one another. We don’t have to think for too long to imagine…Continue Reading “The Rise of “The Planet Trolls”: Fighting Cyber Bullying”

Social media, when productively used, serves as a key that unlocks values for personalities and businesses. With the monumental growth of digital media and communication, our world has become smaller and more democratic than ever. Social media usage now permeates our web; catalyzing the creation of brands, startups, thought leaders, and innovations. It is right to say that the best brands and individuals on the internet, those who have optimized the relevance of social media in the 21st century, are those who utilize their digital…Continue Reading “The 4 Essential Steps To Social Media Influencer Stardom”