Content is King, even offline

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One of the most widely used clichés amongst social media practitioners is the statement “content is king”. Beyond being a cliché, though, this is a statement of fact as the content is the fuel that powers the web. Have you ever imagined what the social web would be like without conversational transactions, accidental and carefully developed content? It will be entirely hollow in there! Quality content is a desirable factor, even offline.

During our day-to-day sojourn in the physical world, we often find ourselves subconsciously watching what and what not to say, chipping in a humour or two, making the most convincing statements to clinch that deal, saying the right words to win a girl’s heart, developing the right strategies to please your boss, etc. The list can go on and on. This is content.

Most times, we are pressured not just to make content king but also to ensure we present quality content, every time. I witnessed one of such pressures during a recent comedy show by Globacom, a telecoms company in Nigeria. During an episode of the #GloLafftaFest organised in Abuja, the show kicked off on a high note with two famous celebrities Emceeing, wowing the crowd and doing a dance-off. Great content, right? The crowd got so excited so fast.

Would anyone think a kick-off such as this already means success? Wrong! Lol. After about 45 minutes of entertaining the crowd, an executive of the company came out to give a small speech to appreciate the subscribers of the network and speak on the company’s plan to continue to excite dedicated subscribers and fans.

Such promise should, naturally, sound good, right? Well, the crowd went crazy from the first minute and started booing the top executive off the stage! They weren’t ready to listen to his “corporate BS” even though these are the guys responsible for all the fun that night! They wanted him off the stage, and they wanted one of the comedians slated to perform that night, on.

Shamefully, the top executive took a bow and handed over to the celebrity MCs who in turn invited a comedian to excite the crowd. Then, things went back to normal. Content is that relevant in our world today.

With the Glo incident, it would have been easy for the Exec to come on stage and present his “corporate BS” before the show kicked-off. But, once the show was on and the crowd had a taste of high content, it was unacceptable for them to go back to a state of boredom.

Content developers, content marketers, advertisers and graphic designers face this sort of pressure on a daily basis in the business of feeding the ever demanding social ecosystem with sociocentric and attention-grabbing content. Guess what? Once you start, you need to beat your level at churning out good content continuously. You can’t stop, you can’t fall below par, and you can’t give excuses. If you do, your content consumers will boo you off their timelines just like they booed that exec off stage. Content is king, but the power of the consumer is paramount.