A few weeks ago, a revelation came to light on the social media, TwitterNG, specifically: The individual behind the witty updates of the official twitter account of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (@EFCCNG) was revealed through an appreciative tweet via the EFCC handle. Social media managers come and go. However, what made the “unmasking” of Olufemi Olukayode Adeyemi (@FshawkingFisher) different was the way he deployed the rare and unpopular tactic of “social media savagery” via a corporate account, and he did it so well,…Continue Reading “Social Media Management: Savagery as a Strategy”

One of the most widely used clichés amongst social media practitioners is the statement “content is king”. Beyond being a cliché, though, this is a statement of fact as the content is the fuel that powers the web. Have you ever imagined what the social web would be like without conversational transactions, accidental and carefully developed content? It will be entirely hollow in there! Quality content is a desirable factor, even offline. During our day-to-day sojourn in the physical world, we often find ourselves subconsciously…Continue Reading “Content is King, even offline”

Two weeks ago I met an old schoolmate who jokingly took a jab at formal education. He said even though he finished college with a good grade 8 years ago and had since gotten a job as a banker, he feels he wouldn’t take the college option in 2017. He added that he now feels it wasn’t worth spending 4 years getting a degree because, most socially upward, famous and successful millennials hit that pinnacle not because of a college degree but through creativity and…Continue Reading “#NewTeach: My take on child education in the new world”

“Hi, my name is Mike and I’m a Social Media Manager”. Sorry for using the name “Mike” if that’s yours. Lol. Sincerely, I have had 3 “Mikes” come up to me with that intro in the last 6 months. To most people, “social media manager” is just another designation at the office which involves posting stuff on the company’s social media platforms and responding to messages. While such activities are vital in running social assets, social media management is an art no different from writing,…Continue Reading “7 Skills to survive social media management in Nigeria”