The world has gone social. Once that happened, the usage of social media tools branched out from basic conventional use to more experimental, experiential and innovative usage. And, that was how conversations trended, social ventures birthed and digital products have continually improved to appeal to the teeming number of millennials. In Africa, especially in Nigeria where mobile connectivity and social network communication have caught on in business, governance and conversational transaction, social media penetration could be graded on the same level with other advanced nations;…Continue Reading “Badoo: The “LinkedIn” of budding ‘Runs Girls’”

Networking is great! Why do you think all these social media channels exist? Opportunities to meet people either online or offline should never be turned down as these interactions, most often than not, lead one to encounter even greater opportunities and experiences. People make the planet. The more (valuable people) you meet, the more of the planet you interact with! There must be a game plan to this, though. For example, you need to consciously know what you want from these valuable contacts you are…Continue Reading “Networking Productively: Expect Less, And Give “MORE””