About Me

…So where do I start! Well, my name is David Otu and, I #DOSocial. I am a multi-certified digital media consultant certified by Hootsuite, Hubspot, Shaw Academy, Journalism Clinic and a host of other renowned digital media academies.

Now, I am sure we can easily agree that social media is no longer a fad; it has since become a key to business growth, communication, and intellectual development. The list could go on but these 3 advantages are the ones that readily come to mind whenever I find myself discussing social media.

Since I fell in love with digital communication, I have continued to delve deeper into the field, understanding it better, gaining more certified knowledge and getting involved in a number of vital projects with several retail brands and institutions such as Oxford Policy Management (OPM), Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), the National Youth Service Corps ( NYSC ), Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI), Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), the Technical Unit on Governance and Anti-corruption (TUGAR) to mention just a few.

My interest in proffering communication solutions using these tools has grown stronger over the years. It is so amazing how democratized information and communication has become. People all over the world have benefited in myriad ways from social media: from marketing products to starting up businesses to amplifying voices on a decibel loud enough to make vital changes in governance, public administration and corporate culture.

My objective as a freelance digital media consultant in Nigeria is to continue to deploy my learned and self-taught knowledge in this field while working with brands, corporate institutions, and individuals who understand and appreciate the pivotal role digital media tools play in today’s world.

This is a fact (quote me anywhere), there is nothing you do in our world today that digital tools won’t play a pivotal role in making much better. Informational Technology and Social Media Communication will continue to take center stage in all ventures and across all facets of social living.

So, let’s help you explore those possibilities. Together, lets DoSocial.


David Otu.