With Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg envisioning Telepathy in communication as the future of digital communication,  we are to graduate from what we can achieve with our various social media communication tools now, to actually being able to “share our thoughts”, sharing bits of information between minds (without any actual physical bridge). This, in so many ways, will be a groundbreaking step in digital communication, if it ever happens. Zuckerberg expressed no doubts however when he detailed his take on the progression of digital communication saying ,…Continue Reading “Telepathy: The future of Digital Communication?”

…So, your brand is looking to activate social media platforms in order to create awareness and improve sales? Well, you are not alone. Millions of brands and businesses, both old and new, are looking this direction as well. Marketers all over the world have increased marketing budgets, leaving over 70% of it for social media and web marketing. These days, very few businesses are not utilizing one form of digital marketing or the other. The advantages of using social media platforms for marketing cannot be…Continue Reading “Great Content Marketing?: Mesh Great Content with the Right Influencers”

Sometime last year, I came across an article on the web reporting a woman who received a 15-year jail term for video-recording her boss while he committed a crime. What was the crime? The lady in question (through her mobile phone) recorded a video of her boss setting a homeless man on fire! The man died, and local authorities got wind of the crime, and of course the video evidence in pristine quality. Similarly, a while ago, a man in Ohio was arrested after he…Continue Reading “To Help Or Record: How Responsible Are You With Your Smart Phone?”

The world has gone social. Once that happened, the usage of social media tools branched out from basic conventional use to more experimental, experiential and innovative usage. And, that was how conversations trended, social ventures birthed and digital products have continually improved to appeal to the teeming number of millennials. In Africa, especially in Nigeria where mobile connectivity and social network communication have caught on in business, governance and conversational transaction, social media penetration could be graded on the same level with other advanced nations;…Continue Reading “Badoo: The “LinkedIn” of budding ‘Runs Girls’”